Market Research


Market Research

We are not friends of producing loads of paper that no one will ever read, but still have we want to provide our clients with the best tools. Therefore we make our reports very brief but very oriented at the day to day situation in the SME.


We elaborate the market research for our clients to:

-  create a business plan

-  launch a new product or service

-  fine tune existing products and services

-  expand into new markets

Depending on the typology of project we offer this service as it can be used to determine which portion of the population will purchase the product/service, based on variables like age, gender, location and income level. We can determine what market characteristics your target market has.

econsultants market research will help our clients make better business decisions about the development and marketing of new products. Market research represents the voice of the consumer in a company articulating:

-   What is happening in the market? What are the trends? Who are the competitors?

-   How do consumers talk about the products in the market?

-   Which needs are important? Are the needs being met by current products?



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