Key Account Management (KAM)


Key Account Management (KAM)

Key Account Management is a strategic planning approach that goes way beyond traditional selling to tackle today's customer issues. It reaches inside both seller and buyer organizations, so KAM is undoubtedly more complex and more difficult than simple sales activity. But the stakes are high, and powerful customers expect no less from their suppliers now.

Key Account Management of  econsultants  revolves around how our clients can maximize their profitability from their clients which give them or have the potential of giving them maximum revenues. It involves relationship management and account planning.

Knowing the right people is key to growing an account. Understanding who the purchasers and who the decision makers are. Account planning would primarily involve the following:

• Understanding the history of the account

• Tracking the growth of the account

• Identifying the right people

• Being informed about the competitors to the account

• Planning out for future interactions

Workflow :

·  The initial phase is dedicated a profound project investigation in order to establish the plan to be executed.

·  Product or services are examined and competitive edges related in comparative analysis.

·  The result crystallizes in a report which serves as tool to determine the ongoing process. Please request sample of report on info(AT)

·  The strategy is based on an evaluation of best options for your company's service or product and leads to the next phase.

·  Depending on market, product etc., the implementation will be done through a partner, directly through Key Accounts or both.

   Second string is through participation in tenders, public or private, depending on the requirements established.

·   In the last part of the implementation phase Key Account and tenders melt into one, whereas the match making is restricted to partnering.

·  The follow up on the project can be crucial depending on product and market. If your company do not dispose the structure,

    econsultants can offer you a tailor made solution.


It's important to emphasize that you can put the project on hold once each phase has terminated.



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