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Your clients have gone global and are operating on different markets. Often they would like you to be there too. But your company have to be of a considerable size in order to have the possibility to go where they go.

econsultants comprises the external services your company need.

Project Management


We offer this service applying the ISO 10006 standards.


Market Research


A process of systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about customers, competitors and the market.


Key Account Management (KAM)


Key Account Management is a strategic planning approach that goes way beyond traditional selling to tackle today's customer issues. It reaches inside both seller and buyer organizations, so KAM is undoubtedly more complex and more difficult than simple sales activity. But the stakes are high, and powerful customers expect no less from their suppliers today.


Facilitator Consulting


We work as consultants for a number of companies with the need for initial market contacts that will allow them to evaluate project possibilities and to establish contacts with potential Joint Venture partners.

Facilitating Consulting Projects are normally executed in frames of hours or days.


B&B Solution Consulting


Due to our many clients and their extended portfolio of products and solutions, we are involved in various developing projects and solutions, crossing over between these clients and thus bringing companies together with skills and know-how for the benefit of the end user.


Portfolio Consulting


Some companies have had sporadic supplies to a determinate Industry and we help these by investigating potential in the portfolio as well as structuring their approach to the segment.


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