Facilitator Consulting


Facilitator Consulting Management (FCM)

It is process where your company very quickly get an overview of the market potential. No need to make big market investigations, but directly approaching the market.

We make a short presentation of your company that serves as an Appetizer, to send out in our network of contacts within the companies we have targeted.

The contacted companies will be either producers, owners or sub supplier. Under the latter could also figure service providers.

As our clients have a high level of technical knowhow, we aim to find the matching point among the technical decision makers, rather than working on the purchase department.

We organize meetings with interested counterparts, where you can introduce your company profoundly and get the opportunity to initiate project. These sessions normally take 1 1/2 hour.

So much dedicated time you will normally not have on fairs or other events.

Once we have evaluted we help you with the onging Project Management, being an active part in reaching the final scope.









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